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Are you interested in getting involved and becoming a member of the Interagency Visitor Use Management Council? The IVUMC continues to grow in numbers, diversity, expertise, and contribution to all things visitor use management and we welcome your participation!

Read below to learn from current members about what it is like to serve on the council and how your participation may benefit you, both professionally and personally. To apply to be a member of the IVUMC, please download and complete the fillable PDF application and email a copy to When applying, please select your preferred role on the application and your position will be verified with your mentor and primary agency contact upon acceptance. Thank you for your interest!

What about the IVUMC sparks joy for you? What do you most enjoy about your role serving on the Council?

What are the benefits of becoming a council member or technical advisor?

  • As a council member or technical advisor, you will help develop transparent, effective, and defensible VUM practices that contribute to actionable and applicable work globally. We put the visitors first, viewing challenges from the lens of a visitor and ensuring that their needs are understood, respected, and used to guide the work of the council.
  • Your work can strengthen the shared language of the council and promote a consistent approach to the important aspects of visitor use management. With the tools the council develops, we can better communicate with fellow council members, other land and water managers, and visitors.
  • Collaborate with an amazing, powerful, and passionate group of people that have become colleagues for life.
  • Be a part of a team as a life-long learner and experience the power of meaningful conversations, test the hypotheses in the field and on the ground, and reflect on the work for continued learning and growth!
  • “IVUMC is the one place land managers can find coherent interagency guidance to meet the complex social, economic, and environmental challenges ahead.”

The IVUMC is working to make the following headlines a reality for federally managed land and water in the United States of America. Thanks for your interest in joining the council. If you have any further questions about the council’s work, please contact a council member from your agency (see the Contact Us page) to learn more!

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